Body Silhouette | Weight Control


Calorie Burning using infrared heat technology for gradual fat loss, reduction of cellulite & firming.

30m $65

With stimulating massage $100

Gimnasia Pasiva

Reaffirms and increases the superficial and deep muscle tone with electrical stimulation. Improves and reduces cellulite.

$45 per session


Injections to reduce localized fat in abdomen, arms, thighs and hips.

$55 per session


Combines ultrasound, vacuum therapy and lymphatic drainage to lose inches and tone tissues.

$75 per session

HCG Therapy

System 40 days. Increases the release of fat and calorie burning them quickly. Controls appetite and increases metabolism.

$100 per session *Includes evaluation, B-12, fat burner and HCB week.

Auricular Therapy

Electroacupuncture on the ear to stimulate the metabolic increase to burn fat and calories.

$45 per session

Bamboo Therapy

Reactive blood circulation, detoxifies and strengthens the immune system, drains the lymphatic system and reduce cellulite, promotes regeneration of tissue.

$85 per session


Creates a micro blast in blast in fat cells break achieving adiposity (fat tissue)

$85 per session

Radiofrecuencia Tripolar

Reaffirms and skin fibroblasts. (Stimulates collagen and elastin)

$45 per session

Thermal Blanket (Manta Térmica)

Infrared light that detoxifies the body and removes toxins

$20 per session