Body Care | Massages


Relaxing swedish massage.

25m $55

55m $75

85m $120

Deep Tissue

Massage with pressure to remove the stress and pain.

25m $60

55m $85

85m $135

Mom & Baby Care

Help the new mother to feel calm and relaxed.

25m $60

55m $85

85m $135

Lympha Drain

Massage for natural cleansing.

25m $60

55m $85

85m $135


Acu-pressure foot massage for tired feet.

25m $45

Hot Stone or Cold Marble Stone Massage

25m $60

55m $90

85m $140


Reductive Massage

Localized massage reduces fat cells.

25m $45

Reiki Therapy / Chakras

55m $95

Herbal Ball Massage

55m $120


$85 per session

$65 Member Angel Club

Body Exfoliations

Remove dead skin cells and promotes circulation.

45m $85

Body Wraps

Removes dead cells, promotes circulation, rejuvenates, moisturizes and firms the skin.

45m $90


Energizing water massage therapy.

25m $60

55m $80